2nd Year Computer Notes

2nd Year Computer Notes (Long, Short, MCQs) | All Chapters

12th Class Computer Notes For All Boards

2nd Year computer notes

Are you making searches on the internet for best 2nd year computer notes in pdf? If your answer is positive. Then congratulations! you are at the right place. We are providing ever best 12th class computer notes for the easiness of the students. We have done our best to prepare these FSC part 2 computer notes. These notes are compiled in a proper way and are easy to understand for ICS students and for class 12 students.

These computer science notes consist of chapter-wise Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs), Short Questions, and Long Questions. All the short questions are assembled in an easy way. In addition, there is a solution available for all the exercise questions as well as for long questions in detail for best preparation for the exams. Short Questions notes consist of only short questions and there are all the short questions from the book as well as from exercise.

Chapter 2 - Basic Concepts and Terminologies of Databases

Chapter 4 - Data Integrity and Normalization

Chapter 5 - Introduction to Microsoft Access

Key Features of Our 2nd Year Computer Notes

This is a technological age, and the use of information technology in all facets of life is growing all the time. It is important for the students and the general public to be aware of current information technology concepts. Awareness of information technology is critical for all to succeed in today’s world. Moreover, It is important to have computer or I.T. skills in order to apply for a job. Proficiency in computer or information technology (I.T.) is critical for applying it successfully in a variety of fields for the betterment of society.

The aim of these 2nd year computer notes is to provide students with a solid foundation in computer and information technology. These notes would also assist students in learning how computers and information technology are used in a number of fields. Computer software, hardware, and the internet will all be understood by the students. These notes will be effectively helpful for all who wish to secure good marks in the exams. These are also helpful for the students who wish to get proficiency in computer and information technology.

An important aspect of these notes is their effectiveness for examinations of all types. These contain Short questions (SQs), MCQs, and Long Questions (LQs). These questions can help students obtain high grades in every form of exam or examination. There are new things for the students to learn in each chapter. Each question is explained in a simple and easy way so that everyone can understand it easily. Moreover, these notes are prepared by subject specialists so you do not need to worry about the quality.

ICS Part 2 Computer Science Notes

These notes are according to the new syllabus of computer science for intermediate part 2. It covers the subjective as well as objective parts of the question paper. We’ve done our utmost to keep it as straightforward as possible. For the students, the vocabulary is plain and straightforward.

All these computer science 12 class notes prepared according to past papers and board patterns. So, the students of the Punjab board as well as from the Federal board can also follow these excellent notes to secure good marks in this subject. These notes specially prepared with an examination point of view. These will help the students to get the highest marks in exams of any board.

The computer is an art of expressing solutions to our daily life problems. With the increasing involvement of computers in this modern society, we are here to provide the knowledge of computers and I.T to its readers. We believe that it is our responsibility to educate and help all the children of Pakistan. All the students of Pakistan deserve the right to have extensive knowledge of emerging technology adopted by developed societies.



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